Optimism + Happiness by the Numbers

Are you an optimist or a pessimist?

Are you in a bad mood or unhappy? Don’t worry.

There are easy ways to beat a bad mood or even a bad day.

Good moods or a peppy personality is not just a disposition you are born with or without. And, you’re not doomed to stay unhappy the rest of your life. Your level of happiness is a learned skill that is easy to learn. Anyone can learn to bust a bad mood or look at the world through more upbeat and optimistic eyes. We show practice ways to do it now. Continue reading

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Magic Questions

Do you feel you have made goals that have fallen flat? And that has left you unhappy or feeling unfulfilled? You are not alone! We see all the time that people make goals in a way that leaves them more frustrated and dissatisfied than ever.

They were never shown or thought to ask themselves important questions that must be explored in order to grow from the inside out and feel truly fulfilled.

Continue reading

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Dr. Mary quoted in “10 Ways To Be Happy Every Day”

10 Ways to Be Happy Every Day
Adopt these little habits to start seeing big mental health results.

10 Ways To Be Happier

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Making a Great Impression


Do you ever wonder how some people you meet at work or at a social event totally impress you and you like being around them?

Here’s their secret and the reason why.

Making a fabulous impression on people opens doors for your business, personal, and career endeavors. People like charming people who make them feel comfortable. So, making a fantastic impression helps you get where you want to go. Continue reading

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