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Dr. Michael Mercer, Career + Job Expert did innovative research to identify
exactly what high-achievers do to succeed.
He formulated his findings into immediately useful techniques you can put into action to vastly improve your work + personal life.

He is your career success
and job hunting expert!

He authored professional development, business + career books:

  • How Winners Do It: High Impact People Skills for Your Career Success
  • Job Hunting Made Easy
  • Spontaneous Optimism: Proven Strategies for Health, Prosperity & Happiness
Michael Mercer, Ph.D., delivers exciting speeches at many companies, meetings, management retreats + conferences. Dr. Mercer’s articles have appeared in HR & Management magazines, plus other national publications.
He is a leader among professionals, serving Illinois Psychological Association – as both
(1) President and (2) Chairman of Division of Industrial/Organizational Psychology.
Plus, he served 15+ years on the Board of Directors of a successful company.
In this Career+ Job section of our website, you’ll learn so much, including:

  • 6 high impact people skills that separate high-achievers from underachievers
  • 1 quick way to make a fantastic impression on practically anyone you meet
  • 4 types of people – plus how to get-along-with & impress each type
  • 2-step method used by the world’s best negotiators, persuaders, & salespeople
  • 1 ultimate principle reveals how to make people comfortable with you – and like you

You will also learn how to:

  • Job Hunt + find your dream career
  • Accelerate your career
  • Talk to a lot of managers – who actually can hire you
  • Excel in job interviews
  • The best + fun + most effective way to find job opportunities for you
  • 1 secret – that makes you stand out from competing job seekers
  • 4 tactics to make interviewers ‘fall in love’ with you – in the first 2 minutes
  • Winning in job interviews – using specific sales & relationship skills
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