New Year’s Resolutions: Mistakes To Avoid + Be Successful

Most people look at the beginning of the year as a chance to change their lives, However at least 50% of those who establish New Year’s Resolutions or Big Goals for the New Year fail. Reasons are that people are putting so much pressure on themselves to make New Year’s Resolutions or believe their lives will change at the stroke of midnight.  Such extreme pressure sets you up for failing. Most people are in a fog from the holidays on January 1st that they don’t even think about starting because they are tired or stressed. Learn how to be successful and avoid setbacks when setting your goals.

bouncing back

Tip from “Bouncing Back from Difficult Times”

I am sharing an Important technique from my book, “Bouncing Back from Difficult Times:”. Essential #1: You Can Only Have 1 Thought at a Time
This is the key to feeling optimistic, enjoying your life, and fulfilling your vision for a delightful life. It is also a way to bounce back when life gets difficult. However, you only can keep one thought in your head at a time. This is one of the most powerful yet under-publicized insights in psychology! Question: So, what should your one thought be? This post reveals the answers.