Holiday Mindset

Holiday Mindset: Ways to Cope with Holidays

Holiday Mindset: Ways to Cope with Holidays! Holiday time have arrived! Including many challenges to cope with Holiday Stress & Pressure. What can you do to get thru the rest of this year? How can you cope with the many challenges that come along with the holidays. My new podcast helps you in so many ways. Listen to my new episode: Holiday Mindset: Ways to Cope with Holidays

One Key Habit that Improves Your Life

Dr. Michael Mercer and I will address in our new podcast episode — one key habit that will really make you feel happier + improve your life.  Dr. Michael Mercer wrote about this key habit in his upcoming book, “Success Habits Made Easy”. Learn what this important key habit is and how to carry it out in your life.

Productive Habits

Creating Productive Habits

How do you create productive habits? Learn the truth between ‘Willpower vs Focus’ and more. In Dr. Mary’s new podcast episode, she talks about ‘5 Steps to Create a Habit’ that really works. Plus, ‘What happens + the Reasons Why you Fail!’ Podcast episode is available now.