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Question: Does your relationship feel more like a long bath in cold water

rather than the warm flames of romance and desire? Do you miss the burning love and excitement, the thrills and romance, the passion and compassion that once bonded you and your partner?

You are not alone. Most relationships begin with titillating romantic excitement, along with oozing tenderness and lustful adventure. But that extinguishes in most relationships after awhile. Fortunately, it proves incredibly possible to reignite the enjoyment and romance you felt with your partner. The ultimate key to reigniting your love relationship and keeping the love burning is the following:

Take personal responsibility for constantly making your relationship special, exciting, fun + romantic.

There several ways to constantly make your relationship special. To help you solve this common love laments we developed some simple, yet effective techniques.

Here is the first technique to practice this week:

Recharging Technique: Frequently Do Something Romantic

Do not wait for a special occasion to be romantic or give some attention to your mate. After all, you can create romantic experiences each day. You do not need to wait until an anniversary, birthday or vacation. Just try the following Recharging Technique:

Tip #1: Surprise him with love notes
You know what to do! Be creative — and have fun doing this. For example, put a love note in his/her briefcase or on the front window of their car, in coat or other places. Why should you make this effort? The answer is simple.

  • The more attention you give your partner, the more attention you will get.
  • The more you tell your partner that he or she is important, the more your partner will show you that you are important.

For more information please see our book, Endless Love, Romance & Passion™: Secrets of Happy & Loving Couples

PLEASE remember to join us in our Chat Room to ask us questions and talk about your experience this week using this tip.

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