MP3 Audio Program + Doctors’ E-Workbook By Drs. Mercer

E-BOOK:Endless Love, Romance & Passion : Secrets of Happy & Loving Couples™ by Drs. Mary Ann & Michael Mercer

MP3 Audio Program + Doctors’ E-Workbook
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Our 6-hour audio program + Doctors’ Manual (E-Workbook)

You use this workbook along with our 6-hour audio program based on our E-book called, Endless Love, Romance & Passion: Secrets of Happy & Loving Couples™.

You simply listen to the Audio Program while you make notes and plan your future
via our exercises in the Doctors’ Manual Workbook.

This Audio Program + Doctors’ Manual goes further to help you succeed.
Result: You’re ready to achieve your own endless love, romance & passion!!

Drs. Mary Ann & Michael Mercer are a unique husband-&-wife professional team.
Most other relationship specialists work alone and, thus, have a one-sided point-of-view. Many of these experts who write books or conduct couple counseling have been divorced!

Your huge advantage over other relationship specialists is we have a delightful, long-lasting love relationship. We live what we teach you.

We also have decades of experience as doctors of psychology.
We helped many couples heal their wounds, and start loving each other again.
Endless Love, Romance & Passion tells you how to transform your relationship.

You’ll learn immediately useful steps to discover:
♥   Secrets of Happy & Loving Couples
♥   Get More Attention: 3 Habits of Highly Romantic, Loving Couples
♥   Get More Appreciation & Affection: 3 Habits of Highly Romantic, Loving Couples
♥   Boost Your Happiness & Confidence
♥   Irresistible Relationship Skills
♥   Turn Conflict into Closeness – Part 1
♥   Turn Conflict into Closeness – Part 2
♥   Overcoming Obstacles To Love
♥   Managing Money Matters
♥   Passion Pointers – Part 1:  Romance Is A Responsibility
♥   Passion Pointers – Part 2:  Effortless Ways to Feel Passion

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