In this Healing+Spirituality Blog, we will show you how to identify or change what’s in your heart, mind, body + soul.

We help you pinpoint what you most desire, and teach you techniques to achieve them.

You will learn about the mind-body connection and how it affects every area of your life.
Dr. Mary Ann Mercer’s upcoming book, “BeHealed: The Light at the End of The Tunnel”, will also be a part of this blog. In these posts, she’ll reveal her personal story of searching for answers to her own struggles and what she discovered. These lessons will help you take steps in not just improving yourself, but growing on a truly deeper spiritual level.

Dr. Mary Ann Mercer is your Healing+Spirituality Expert.

Dr. Mercer studied + practices techniques on healing and the mind-body connection. She is a Certified Awakening Dynamics® Practitioner + ThetaHealing® Practitioner. She is an Ordained Minister, Universal Life Church.

Dr. Mercer co-directed a Women’s Outpatient Program + Eating Disorders Program. Those programs specialized in women’s issues, such as self-esteem, body-image, and life-changes.

Check back soon for her first post and PLEASE remember to join us in our Chat Room to ask us questions and get support.

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