BeHealed: Emotional & Physical Healing + Spiritual Awakening

Giving you practical approaches to guide you to live a happier + fulfilling life.

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Emotional & Physical Healing + Spiritual Awakening

Changing + improving + healing your  life does not need to be a complicated, agonizing experience!

  • We will show you how to easily change what’s in your heart, mind, body + soul.
  • We help you pinpoint what you most desire, and teach you techniques to achieve your
    best life ever.

Dr. Mary Ann Mercer is your

Healing + Spirituality Expert.

She co-directed a Women’s Outpatient Program & also an Eating Disorders Program. Those programs specialized in women’s issues, such as self-esteem, body-image, and life-changes. Dr. Mercer studied + practices techniques on healing and the mind-body connection. She is a Certified Awakening Dynamics® Practitioner + ThetaHealing® Practitioner.

She wrote the upcoming book, BeHealed: The Light at the End of The Tunnel

She will address a Healing+Spirituality topic, and you can join her in our Discussion Board/Chat Room for questions, answers + support.

In this Healing+Spirituality section of our website, you’ll learn so much, including:
  • Emotional + Spiritual Healing
  • Release Negative Emotions That Can Make You Ill
  • Causes of Some Illnesses + Physical Healing
  • Healing Your Thoughts + Emotions
  • Agony Anchors That Hold You Back
  • Unique Meditation Techniques
  • Spiritual Awakening
  • Toxic Emotions Dragging You Down

We will teach you practical approaches to guide you to live a happier + fulfilling life.

We are your personal coaches and your cheerleaders

Plus, we provide an online community for support… so you won't feel alone in the process.

We will be your experts and guides.

So… let us now help you create your best life ever!!