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Question: Does your relationship feel more like a long bath in cold water rather than the warm flames of romance and desire?

Do you miss the burning love+excitement, the passion+compassion that once bonded you and your partner?

You are not alone. Relationships begin with titillating romantic excitement, along with oozing tenderness. But that extinguishes in most relationships after awhile.

Fortunately, it proves incredibly possible to reignite the enjoyment and romance you felt with your partner. The ultimate key to reigniting your love relationship and keeping the love burning is the following:

Take personal responsibility for constantly making your relationship special, exciting, fun + romantic.

There several ways to constantly make your relationship special. To help you solve this common love laments we developed some simple, yet effective techniques.

The technique we began to discussed in our last blog was what we called, Recharging Technique: Frequently Do Something Romantic.  We taught you Tip #1:  Surprise him with love notes

Did you read the last blog? Importantly, did you practice it?
If not, please review and practice our first technique and get going!

Here’s the 2nd technique to practice this week: Tip #2: Call and say, “I love you”

For example, Betty used both Tip #1 and Tip #2. She felt her marriage was going down the drain. Their relationship was so boring that it could cure insomnia.

So, she took the responsibility for turning it around. One of the most powerful methods she used was carrying out at least five romantic actions per week. She explained, At least once a week, I slip a love note or card into his briefcase or underwear drawer. Sometimes I mail a love note to his office in an envelope with the word “confidential” stamped all over it in red ink.

Also, I call him a few times a week, purr “I love you,” and then I immediately hang up. I enjoy doing all these romantic things and so does he. We’re finally falling back in love with each other!

For more information please see our ebook or our MP3+Doctor’s Manual, Endless Love, Romance & Passion™: Secrets of Happy & Loving Couples

PLEASE remember to join us in our Chat Room to ask us questions and talk about your experience this week using this tip.

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