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Bouncing Back from Difficult TimesBouncing Back from Difficult Times” teaches you about your patterns of thoughts, emotions and reactions that stop you from effectively handling life difficulties and problems. You will learn valuable characteristics of resilient and optimistic people – plus how they superbly handle life challenges and problems.

Difficult times and crises force us to look at our lives — whether we like it or not – to face and deal with the consequences. Troubles in life can become unique opportunities to venture to a higher level of growth that goes well beyond the concept of happiness. Instead of chasing happiness like many people do — this book shows you how to make amazing and lasting changes.

Why do some people bounce back and thrive while others do not and stay stuck?

Mary Ann V. Mercer, Psy.D., answers this question and a lot more. Dr. Mercer shows you strategies and techniques that really help you release anchors that hold you back and keep you down. You will learn how to break through adverse reactions and blocks, plus change your discouraging beliefs so you actually create the life you desire and transform your life by growing from your difficult times.

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