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Here is our “Code of Conduct” + Rules you must follow to be allowed to participate in our Discussion Boards.  At the end of this “Code of Conduct”, you must click to accept our “Code of Conduct, Terms of Use and Disclaimer” before you can create your login+password to use Discussion Boards.  Once you have completed that, you can Login to the Chat Room.  You will need to click the Code of Conduct when you sign in to assure participants have a helpful+encouraging experience.

1. Purpose of Discussion Boards

After reading content on this website and in our blogs or newsletters, readers can use Discussion Boards to ask questions or give helpful ideas to other readers. The entire tone of all comments written by readers must be positive, helpful, uplifting, and encouraging.

2. Code of Conduct

Here is our “Code of Conduct” you must follow to be allowed to participate in our Discussion Boards. At the end of this “Code of Conduct”, you must click to accept our Code of Conduct, Terms of Use and Disclaimer before you can create your login and password to use Discussion Boards.

You must follow all our rules and this entire Code of Conduct and be 18 years-old or older and write only in English and accept that ideas or information you post may be seen by other Discussion Board participants and accept that this website reserves right to remove, delete, edit and modify your postings

You may not use swearing or profanity or obscene language or offensive language or hate-oriented language or copyrighted or trademarked materials.

You may not
+ violate any laws
+ violate copyrights or trademarks
+ engage in &/or advocate illegal activities
+ claim you have education, degree, certification or training that you do not have
+ encourage self-destructive, suicidal or potentially harmful behavior
+ bully and/or harass people
+ write rude, nasty and/or inconsiderate comments
+ include advertising and/or links to your content, website, products, services, or writings
+ self-promote your services or products
+ promote other people’s services or products
+ post contact information, e.g., phone numbers, e-mail addresses, addresses
+ post any videos or photos that are not approved by PositiveLifeAnswers.com

You accept that PositiveLifeAnswers.com reserves all rights to publish, accept, remove or reject any postings that violate the above-listed rules and Code of Conduct.

3. Disclaimer

This entire website aims to provide useful information to its readers. It is published
with the understanding that publisher Castlegate Publishers, Inc., and authors
Dr. Mary Ann Mercer and Dr. Michael Mercer, are not engaged in rendering professional services, counseling, psychotherapy or medical help, through contents of this website.
If professional services are needed by any reader (person who sees or reads contents of this website), such as counseling, psychotherapy, medical advice or other help, then the reader is totally responsible for seeking and obtaining services of competent professional(s).
Readers agree not to hold the authors and the publisher for any liability related to the contents of their websites, discussion boards, newsletters, articles, blog posts, and books.

4. Indemnity

You agree to indemnify and hold harmless PositiveLifeAnswers.com, its affiliates, officers, agents, employees and all people connected with PositiveLifeAnswers.com and Castlegate Publishers, Inc. and Dr. Mary Ann Mercer and Dr. Michael Mercer from any and all liability, loss, demand or claim, including any and all attorney fees, related to any event, problem or situation that arises from your use of PositiveLifeAnsers.com.

5. Disputes

This website is operated by Castlegate Publishers, Inc., an Illinois corporation that has offices in United States. You agree that if any dispute arises related to this website or your use of it, the dispute will be governed only by laws of State of Illinois, and all legal disputes will be handled only in county, state and federal courts in State of Illinois.

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